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The DJUTILS-DRAW project contains packages for handling points, poly-lines, line-segments, rays, in 2D and 3D. All objects in DJUTILS-DRAW (except the Transformations) are immutable. This is in major contrast to the java.awt.geom package where almost everything is mutable. In DJUTILS-DRAW, all coordinates are internally stored as double values. We do not intend to provide float versions.

DJUTILS-DRAW consists of a number of packages:

  • / (top level): The DrawRuntimeException class and:
    • Drawable: the interface that all Drawable objects must implement.
    • Directed and Oriented: Directed is the interface that all Ray objects implement; the Oriented is the interface that all OrientedPoint objects implement.
    • Affine transformations: the Transform2d and Transform3d classes that implement transformations using affine matrices.
  • bounds package: The classes that can hold the minimum and maximum of the coordinates of a Drawable object.
  • point package: The classes for points and oriented points (2D and 3D).
  • line package: The classes for LineSegment, PolyLine, Ray, Polygon and the Beziér approximators of PolyLines.
  • surface package: Intended for various surface types and generators of those (very rudimentary at this time).
  • volume package: Intended for 3D objects and generators of those (very rudimentary at this time).

All Drawable 3D objects implement a project() method that constructs a corresponding 2D object (where this might fail, the project() method may throw a DrawRuntimeException).

Maven use

Maven is one of the easiest ways to include DJUTILS-DRAW in a Java project. The Maven files for DJUTILS-DRAW reside at Maven Central as of version 2.0.0. When a POM-file is created for the project, the following snippet needs to be included to include DJUTILS-DRAW:


Of course, the version number (2.1.7 in the above example) needs to be replaced with the version that one wants to include in the project.

DJUTILS-DRAW jars before version 2 are kept on a server at TU Delft at