DJUTILS - Delft Java Utilities projects

DJUTILS is a set of Java classes that are used by other TU Delft projects such as DSOL, OpenTrafficSim, Sim0MQ, GSCG, and others. The DJUTILS projects in this main group import no, or very few external packages.

DJUTILS is a highly diverse software collection. All of this software has in common that it is written in Java and that the writers/designers believe that it can (and should) be reused in other projects. The software is organized in packages

  • djutils: several small projects that require few or no external packages.
  • djutils-cli: command line arguments processing with defaults taken from environment variables and other sources, usage summary, etc.
  • djutils-serialization: utilities to serialize and deserialize data.
  • djutils-data: utilities to collect, store, write and read structured data, e.g., measurements from sensors, or results from a simulation.
  • djutils-draw: utilities that manipulate points, poly-lines, line-segments, rays, in 2D and 3D.
  • djutils-stats: utilities that ingest a series of values, e.g., measurements from a sensor, or results from a simulation, and compute statistical properties (mean, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, estimated cumulative probabilities).

There are two more packages that are not important to re-users of the DJUTILS project. These packages contain software and maintenance information that is used to maintain the DJUTILS project.

  • djutils-generator: code generators used to compute lookup-tables needed within the DJUTILS project, etc.
  • djutils-parent: master pom file for the DJUTILS project.


DJUTILS was developed at the Delft University of Technology as part of the Open Traffic Simulator project (started in 2014) and the Delft Simulation Object Library (DSOL) project (started in 2002).

The main authors/contributors of the DJUTILS project are Alexander Verbraeck, Peter Knoppers, and Wouter Schakel.